Created & Developed by Sen Scherbakoff


Born in Lima, Peru

Lives & works in Brighton UK.


Peruvian artist born in Lima, product of the Peruvian colony and descendant of European painters, writers and musicians that migrated to South America in the 19th century; temporarily based in the U.K.

Self-tought from a young age. Later attended Pontificie Universidad Católica del Peru in Visual Arts; then moved to the Andes, Lima and South Africa to continue her practice independently.

Exhibited in Lima, South Africa (Port-Elizabeth, Humansdorp and Grahamstown Arts Festival), United Kingdom, Brighton Oncas Gallery, Coachwerks Studios, Brighton Art Festival Artists Open House 2019 and in London at the New Artists Fair 2019.

Recently selected to participate at International Contemporary Art Biennial Basel in June 2020 and at The International Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre October 2020.

September 2019 final year of a 3 years degree on Fine Arts Painting at University of Brighton.

Statement of Practice


As a Peruvian artist, this summer, I have researched Pre-Columbian art and how it is reflected and viewed in a contemporary context, within territories where now a multi-cultural city, a vast mix of everything where different economic classes, (poor, rich, middle class) cultures (Coastal, Andean, Amazonian, Pre-colonial, Colonial, Post- colonial) ethnic groups, habits, mannerisms, fashion, art, music, food, colours, smells and architecture; have developed . 
Working on the representation of the informal in this, chaotic, unorganised and corrupt city, but very rich in culture, reflecting the contemporary baroque, overloaded with information together with an explosion of colour and sound; a kind of carnival defining a striking personality as a new culture and city, where a mixture of all this cultures are adapted to the urban, a mass new culture that merges in the same urban space.
This work is the starting point and origin of a bigger project that encapsulates these concepts.