Born in Lima, Peru

Lives & works in Brighton UK.

Peruvian artist born in Lima and based in the Uk, self-tough since young age for later attend 1½ half year at Pontificie Universidad Católica del Peru in Visual Arts; moving then to the Andes, Lima and South Africa, where she continue her practice independently. Have exhibited in Lima, South Africa (Port-Elizabeth, Humansdorp and Grahamstown Arts Festival), United Kingdom, Brighton, London and soon in France, Paris. Graduating this year from University of Brighton with a BH Honours degree on Fine Arts Painting.

Statement of Practice

The road is always been a fascinating place for me ...the drone of the tyres against the asphalt ...becomes this hypnotic chorus taking me back to places I rarely go ... places where my imagination goes wild while having all my senses in that place creating memories... realising that we cannot paint what we don’t see but we can paint the in between.

It takes us through those territories where ancient civilisations have developed and succumbed, together with cartoon characters that comes into my mind while on the road; territories where now their natural resources are exploited and where I introduce my own signs to address the issue, representing at the same time, movement, journey, migration, displacement, been lost, where the oil rigs, signs, broken landscapes, exploded cartoon characters falling into chasms, Pre-Columbian imagery running away aimlessly together with messengers like the bird, gives us a sense of an end of the world feeling. Environmental issues are represented as well, expressing concerns on the Amazon natural resources’ exploitation.

Created & Developed by Sen Scherbakoff